What is Ogham?
An introduction to this ancient Irish/Celtic writing system, complete with numerous images and illustrations. A good place to start.

Ogham Character Chart
A complete table of the Ogham "alphabet", with alternate names and orientations.
Staight Lines
About the origins of what little we know about Ogham. Written by Richard Flavin.
The Stone at the Crossroads
A place for you to carve your comments, questions, and answers.
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Welsh school-children's wall chart
Includes ogham, runes, and Old Welsh writing examples.

MacKillop's definition of Ogham
From "Dictionary of Celtic Mythology" by James MacKillop (recommended).
Robert Graves' "The White Goddess"
Most of the current beliefs about Ogham on the web and in the neo-pagan community is based on this book...
Contains a review and extended excerpts.

Smyth's definition of Ogham
From "A Guide to Irish Mythology" by Daragh Smyth.

My notes on internet research of ogham; Q&A.
Further Resources (Links Page)
key link: Irish/English Dictionary
Sources used for the information at this site.

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