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The Book of Ballymote: The Ogam Scales 
by Dr. Barry Fell

Auraicept na N-Éces -- The Ogham Tract
Auraicept na N-Éces (The Scholar's Primer) ed. and translated by George Calder, Edinburgh, John Grant 1917

Jost Gippert's "Ogam Inscriptions" site
 -- Over a hundred photographic examples, with translation attempts

Curtis Clark's Site:
 -- Introduction
 -- Description of each ogham tree
 -- "Exploring the Origins of the Celtic Ogham"
 -- table, with trees, of different names for ogham letters

Micheal Everson's Site:
 --The Names of Ogham: complete listing of ogham name variants

-- This chart lists the character names of the Ogham alphabet
  as compiled from a number of sources.
 --downloadable Ogham Fonts:

-- The best place to check out differing styles of Ogham script...
 --"Every Ogham Thing on the Web"

"The Fabrication of 'Celtic' Astrology " by Peter Berresford-Ellis

The World of Celtic Art's Ogham page

French Ogham/Celtic site

"Ogham: a celtic tree language"
   -- part of the "Pooka's pulse" web site;
    includes welsh names, & associated colors, trees, and dogs(?)

Imladris' World
     -- Gaelic Language info

Pictish/ Scottish Oghams
  [from the Pictish Arts Society]

Melbrigda Ogham

Voice of the Woods:
   -- an interactive site for "consulting the Ogham"
Druid Tree Lore and the Ogham - from druidry.org
A Little History of Ogham By Philip Shallcrass

The Ogham Files - by Jarrien Wolf

Grove of Dobhran
Topaz Owl's little Tree Site
   -- (includes Birch, Rowan, Oak, Willow, and Ash; as well as short ogham description)

Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan and Occult Resources
- nothing about Ogham, but I'm assuming you're interested in this kind of thing...

a review of "A Guide to Ogam" by Damian McManus
[from the Pictish Arts Society]
See also the Ogham Stone Sources page

Interested in the Irish language?

Names of Ireland (Irish Names)

Ogham Standard Character Set
Micheal Everson's page of links on Standardization
James Kass' Unicode test page for Ogham

Edo Nyland's Ogham site
-- "translating Ogam"

Celtic Heart
   -- go directly to ogham description
The Ancient World Web
   -- a directory of Ancient Studies links (lists the Ogham Intro. page)

"Sacred Sites" (?) in Concord, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
   -- the author thinks the writing on a stone she found might be Ogham...


Irish Saints and Feast Days

Luminarium.org: Irish Literature, Mythology, and Drama
related Book Reviews

History of the Irish Language
   -- from http://www.irlgov.ie/iveagh/ {The Irish gov't: Dep't of Foriegn affairs}

"Prehistoric, Old and Middle Irish" 
   --A long article by Kim McCone; see section 2.6

Solas Éireann's online Irish language course

"A to Z of Ancient Ireland"
   -- A heavily biased, but none the less interesting
    collection of essays on Irish history

On the Development of Written Alphabets

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